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Writing Stories from Our Lives

Focusing is very much an artistic process—moving us towards what is surprising and revelatory. In this workshop we will explore how memoir (freshly recollected history of one's life) and Focusing (a way of freshly revealing oneself to oneself) can work synergistically. We will be writing recollected stories from “prompts” for 8 minutes a piece, and sharing them (without critiques) in small groups.

With Joan Klagsburn and Julian Miller

Julian A. Miller is the author of Breaking Through , The Conquest of Aging, and I Should Praise. He is a poet, writer, and a long-term tai chi teacher. Focusing and its relationship to writing has intrigued and engaged him for the past three decades.

Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D. psychologist, international presenter of Focusing and adjunct professor at Lesley University in Cambridge Massachusetts, is a Certifying Coordinator of The Focusing Institute.

This event is located at the Arlington Center

369 Mass Ave. 
Arlington, MA

 Cost is $25 payable at the door by check or cash.