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Focusing: A Mindful Practice for Insight and Stress Reduction

With Beilah Ross, LICSW & Certified Focusing Professional

Focusing is a quiet, meditative and gentle way to get in touch with one’s whole sense of a problem or situation. It helps us go beyond intellectualized views and gain direct access to deeper and more authentic experience.   This introspective six-step process uses a “felt sense” or body wisdom, to let personal life issues surface, become clearer and move in the direction of change.

Developed by Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D., Focusing teaches a radical shift in attitude towards the self where one employs curiosity, kindness, friendliness and compassion as we listen attentively to what arises from within.  The technique of Focusing is useful in reducing stress and in enhancing health. It also helps access creativity and deepen spirituality. Focusing is a tool to help renew one’s energy and sense of well-being, and to become more “in touch” with oneself.

Through explanation, demonstration and experiential exercises, this workshop will introduce you to the Focusing process, give you an opportunity to practice and discover how you might carry this experience forward in your life. 

The workshop is for those new to Focusing as well as those who have some experience and want more practice.

 Cost is $25 payable at the door by check or cash. 

Beilah Ross, LICSW, has been practicing Clinical Social Work for over 20 years and gained certification as a Focusing-Oriented therapist in 2009. She works in private practice with adults, couples and children, using Focusing and other experiential modalities to help her clients connect with body-centered wisdom.  She teaches Focusing to individuals and groups through community workshops. She also runs workshops on healing inter-generational trauma using FOT and is interested in how Focusing with ancestors can support activism.