How can I learn to Focus?

There are two principal ways people learn to Focus.

  1. Some people prefer to attend a series of Focusing workshops and practice groups given by certified Focusing professionals. Practice groups help to develop Focusing skills and give you a chance to companion with others…a rewarding and insightful opportunity.
  2. Others connect one-to-one with certified Focusing professionals to learn the process. There are many certified professionals in New England who would be pleased to teach you how to Focus in this way. (See Directory)

Can I learn to Focus on-line?

We suggest in-person training where possible as the connection and support are very different between in-person and on-line courses.

For on-line opportunities to learn Focusing, please go to:

What About Learning to Companion/Partner with Others?

Companioning is an art that can be taught and practiced in workshops.

Once familiar with the process of partnering, people often will make time to Focus with a peer.  This is an excellent way to bring Focusing into your life on a regular basis.  When Focusing one-on-one, you not only deepen your understanding of Focusing but also attend to everyday life experiences with the Focusing perspective, broadening your understanding of any given situation.

Some people find they want to learn to companion “like certified professionals do.” This too is possible through advanced-level, professional training.