Dear Community of Friends,

Our mission to let New Englanders know more about Focusing, to attend programs that teach Focusing and that connect Focusing to other practices such as meditation, writing and poetry, and more. Currently we are revamping the site and very much hope that YOU will become a part of it! We truly need your support to expand our reach, so please consider listing yourself on our site so that we can continue to grow Focusing in New England.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at


And THANK YOU if you are already listed!

Why would you want to be listed on the site?

  • to be a part of our Focusing community and to support its growth

  • for networking purposes or to be recognized as someone who integrates Focusing into your work

  • to get publicity for workshops you are offering (although to teach a workshop on Focusing you would need to be certified)

  • to get reduced attendance fee (50%) at one of our programs at The Arlington Center in 2017

  • to be included in our yearly Focusing community party

  • to support the website and the work we sponsor— including reduced fees for students and others who feel called to be at our programs and cannot afford them.

Below are the levels of yearly support. Please plan to send in your listing as soon as you can. 

$25 Friend of Focusing or In-Training— you get your name, photo if you wish, and brief bio on website and if you are in a Focusing training group or have been in the past, you can say that in your bio.

$45 Certified Focusing Professional or Therapist— name, photo if you wish, and bio and your designation as a Focusing-oriented Therapist or Focusing Professional and where you practice– plus you get to list two workshops you are offering a year for free!

$65 Angel— you get to be counted as one of our angels!

Thanks for being part of the Focusing community and we look forward to seeing you at the Focusing party for supporters in June 2017!

Please click here for a printable listing form.


The Focusing New England steering committee:

Joan Klagsbrun
Kelley Bothe
Cathy Cornell
Julie Ramsey
Lillian Sober Ain
Roberta Whitney (currently on leave)